What is Vastushastra ?

         As we all know our body is made up of 5 elements and it’s balance is important to maintain a healthy, wealthy and peaceful life. The house or a property is called to be like a live body in our ancient scriptures and hence, the balance of 5 elements,solar energy and electromagnetic/gravitational fieldin a property is also important,which gives the healthy and wealthy effect to the residents of that property

Ideally picked homes just for you

         Property as Per Vastu brings the concept of finding you the right and ideal home, backed by 30+ years of rich experience in Vastu and Astrology sector with more than 1 million Worldwide clients, one stop solution for all the Vastushastra needs, which will create a positive aura leading to gain in wealth, overall prosperity, harmonious and pleasant life for you and your family.

Why Property as per Vastu ?

          Every human has a desire of owning a house. Usually most of the people buy only 1-2 properties in their entire lifeand even after owning the property, there can’t be any guarantee of success, happiness or prosperity. Hence, for the people, ancient sages and ancestors by research,founded the science of Vastushastra for having a balanced and peaceful life with happiness.

           Vastushastra being applicable in the entire world is not only observed in our India but it is also used in other countries like USA, Canada, UK as Pandit Shivkumarshhri himself travels for Vastu visits in various countries due to huge requirements of people. Hence, awareness of this ancient science can be seen through out the world. But like very other field, there is no guarantee that a person may find a excellent and greatly knowledgeable Vastu consultant. Also even after looking for multiple properties there is no assurance that a person may find a Vastu compliant property including compliancy of interior or furniture placement.

       Pandit Shivkumarshhri had been asked and requested by numerous clients to help them buy an ideal house following the rules of Vastushastra. Hence, since last few years, due to increasing need and for the betterment of society, where people should get a Vastu compliant house, we have launched this concept of property as per Vastu. Considering your budget and necessities like location, we will recommend you 2/3 Vastu compliant houses from multiple properties, which will ensure success and prosperity, for healthy and wealthy life.

In addition to the above, you’ll also get free Vastu interior planning, with patented andcopyrighted remediesand a unique certificate of Vastu compliancy(SuvarnaVastu).

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Hassle-free selection as per Vastu for your property

Pandit Shivkumarshhri being an engineer, he has been using his perception of scientific and practical knowledge in the Vastushastra field, since last 30 years, and has been asked by numerous clients to help them buy an ideal house following the rules of Vastu, hence we now also help you to find the right one through Property as Per Vastu.

Normally, clients search their property as per their need, and after finding it, they used to proceed with showing us their property plan,whichsometimes used to get rejected beinga Non-compliant Vastu, furtherly leaded to finding of a new property

To eradicate this hectic and lengthy process, we bring you a new and smooth 6 simple steps

  1. Fill a form on this website
  2. Our team will understand your requirements
  3. Sorting and selectionof 2-3 property ideal Vastushastra compliant homes from multiple properties will be done, just for you.
  4. Free interior planning and designing as per Vastushastraafter confirmation of buying property.
  5. Certificate –Vastu complaint house validation by Pandit Shivkumarshhri’s signature will be given to you.
  6. You Will Get Your Vastu Approved Property.

The BENEFITS Of Property as Per Vastu

Selective Vastu compliant properties

Considering your budget and necessities like location we will recommend you 2/3 Vastu compliant houses from multiple properties.

Vastu approved certificate

A certificate confirming the validity of Vastu house namely Suvarn Vastu with signature of Pandit Shivkumarshhri. This will act as a pride of your house and will also be very useful for reselling the house in future.

Free Vastu Interior planning

Free VastuInterior planning of your home will be provided after confirmation of buying property.

Free copyrighted Vastu products

Free patented and copyrighted Vastu products to enhance energy and ensurefuture growth, success and prosperity

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